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kendra gear fishing owner Mark Kendra catches trophy fish with the Straightcast Reel

Biggest Problem . . Line Twist
Solution . . The Straightcast™ Reel

The Straightcast™ Reel takes casting to a whole new level and raises fishing to a higher standard. Spend less time untangling twisted line and get more time for quality fishing!

Untwist Your Line While You Cast

After geneerating positive twist on the first cast, generate an equal amount of negative twist on the second cast by casting off the opposite side of the spool. By casting off the appropriate side of the spool Straightcast allows you to maintain a line twist count of zero.

U.S. Patent Number 8783596, International Patents Pending

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A Brand New
Category Of Reels

photo of the straightcast fishing reelThe first of its kind, this new concept in reel design features a 180° rotating spool, allowing the user total control over eliminating twist in the line.

The Straightcast™ Reel is far from ordinary and is truly the future of fishing. It features the best advantages of both the baitcasting and spinning reels combined Read more . . .


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